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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Esimit Europa in occasion of the Barcolana regatta entered a partnership with MIB School of Management from Trieste

Photo by: Esimit Europa/Manuel Kovšca

The Esimit Europa project, which in a unique way connects sports, diplomacy and business, started its mission in 1995 in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, when symbolically connected Slovenia's Nova Gorica and Italy's Gorizia on a sailing yacht. In almost 20 years, the project has grown to represent the whole European continent and continues its mission in collaboration with the Russian Federation. The Esimit Europa 2 yacht pursues its mission with the multinational team of professional sailors coming from 10 different European countries, who together sail under the European flag and with the main sponsor Gazprom – representing Europe’s biggest energy company.

"Realizing such a vision demands commitment and constant endeavours towards excellence at the highest levels of cooperation and mutual respect. The Esimit Europa project all along received the support on the highest diplomatic and business levels in its founding countries as well as from around the globe. The latest recognition came with yesterday’s reception of the Esimit Sailing Team by the President of the Republic of Slovenia. Acknowledgements like this give a confirmation that the project is not only welcomed, moreover it plays a significant role in connecting sports, diplomacy and business," stressed Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project, and added: "Streaming for excellence is crucial for success, therefore in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia where the project has its roots, we started a collaboration with MIB School of Management from Trieste. We share the fundamental values and with this initiative we also reward excellence."

2013 sailing season has been so far marked with exceptional success. The team set sail for northern Europe where they took line honour victories at all the attended races and achieved the highlight win at one of the world's toughest sailing challenges – the Rolex Fastnet Race in the United Kingdom. Skipper Jochen Schümann recapped the experience of this year's season: "Goals for this year were set high and we set sail to Esimit Europa 2 unknown waters. Achieving victories at all the attended races means a special recognition to the whole Esimit Sailing Team and furthermore, puts the mission of the project to the winning podium."

Representing Gazprom, the main sponsor of the Esimit Europa 2 yacht, which shares the vision of connecting the European Union and the Russian Federation and a common merit for success of the whole European continent, was Burkhard Woelki, Director of corporate communications at Gazprom Germania. He emphasized that Gazprom is strategically Europe's most important partner, while Europe is Gazprom's most important market. "Gazprom as well as the Esimit Europa 2 yacht are both leaders in their fields while we both set high goals also for the future."

The content of the partnership between Esimit Europa and MIB School of Management was presented by MIB's founder and Dean, prof. Dr. Vladimir Nanut. Partnership is based on an international cooperation, as both parties share common values and stream for excellence. Moreover it creates international connections in fields of diplomacy and business including corporate social responsibility. One of the best ways is rewarding excellence: "Our best student today joined the Esimit Sailing Team's training. Leading the crew is Jochen Schümann, one of the best sailors in the world of all time and a true inspiration. I am convinced that our student will cherish this experience and that it will motivate him for his future endeavours." He added that by the initiative not only excellence will be awarded, but also the experience among MIB School of Management students and Esimit Sailing Team members will be shared in leadership meetings.

Moreover, Roberto Cosolini, Mayor of Trieste, who each year hosts the Barcolana regatta, welcomed the cooperation between the Esimit Europa project and MIB School of Management and its announcement in the occasion of Barcolana, as all three international projects play an important role in promotion and development of the city of Trieste.

Partnering the Esimit Europa project is also Adidas, which is in collaboration with the Esimit Sailing Team developing its sailing products – also adidas eyewear which was at the official press conference represented by David Wiesenhofer. On the occasion he added that the cooperation with Esimit Europa 2 sailors is greatly valued as they provide constructive feedback on the eyewear, in order to secure the best products and consequently best achievements.

Last but not least, Medot as a partner in the project from its beginning was presented – Medot is Slovenia's premium champagne brand – a result of 200-year tradition of winemaking and wine culture of Igor Simčič’s family. Now it is led by his son Simon Simčič who on the occasion said: "Medot built its specific taste from the indigenous grape variety Ribolla Gialla – while it is hand in hand with Europe’s fastest sailing yacht Esimit Europa 2 conquering the world. The yacht bearing the Medot logo on its mainsail represents also the region of Goriška brda."

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Title : Esimit Europa in occasion of the Barcolana regatta entered a partnership with MIB School of Management from Trieste
Date : Oct 11, 2013
Location : Trieste; Italy