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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Vision - Mission - Aims - Values



Representing a European story of success whereby uniting Sports with Diplomacy, Social Responsibility, Culture and Business, our vision is to carry a strong symbol of Unity and Collaboration on the ocean waves and inspire collaboration also on other continents.


To unite people, connect countries, and inspire collaboration throughout the whole world.


Successfully represent Europe in sport events
Achieve the highest results in all attended regattas and undertake new sport challenges inside and outside Europe.

Provide a business and diplomatic platform to foster worldwide cooperation
Organise formal and non-formal occasions for all our partners to meet and further dialogue on crucial issues for the development of the European societies.

Boost European dialogue about energy-efficient living
Promote the European Energy movement, converting consumers to contributors by raising awareness about sustainable energy consumption.


We strongly believe in team play: working in synergy towards a common goal, in complete respect for each other. A fair and united Europe is a stronger Europe.

Creativity and open-mindedness are present in every part of our work: new technological solutions are as necessary for sailing success as for our environment. We are never tired of improving ourselves, aiming always higher.

At Esimit Europa, we only aim at top performance. Through fair cooperation and constant innovation we strive to reach excellence in every field, reflecting Europe’s potential.