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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Continued support of the European Parliament

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The Esimit Europa project has again proven to be an important promoter of cooperation on the European continent. President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani was impressed with the project and its accomplishments and expressed his appreciation for the project’s mission during his meeting with Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project.

The president of the European Parliament has, after the presentation of the Esimit Europa project, congratulated Mr Simcic on the extraordinary initiative and proposed that the project gets presented to the entire European Parliament in Brussels. According to mister Tajani the Esimit Europa project represents an important symbol, which is needed in Europe. To take the project to a new dimension, the possibility of creating a new future-oriented symbol that would link together European knowledge, technology, diplomacy, sports and business has been discussed.

Due to the project’s mission of spreading the important values of friendship, cooperation and mutual trust, while building bridges among all Europeans, the Esimit Europa project has since 2002 enjoyed the support of the presidents of the European Parliament starting with Pat Cox, Josep Borrell and the strong support of the former president Martin Schulz.

In his official letter of support, received after the meeting with mister Simčič, President Tajani expressed his sincere admiration for the Esimit Europa project as well as how proud he is of our activities, which under the European flag inspire team values and strengthen the cooperation among Europeans. President Tajani also emphasized that the Esimit Europa project is a shining example of teamwork, building bridges and overcoming differences in order to turn them into advantages for a common goal.

Furthermore, President Tajani endorsed the Esimit Europa project’s mission by stating: “The founding fathers of the European Union dreamed of a common European identity – your crew have achieved it! Following a noble vision of uniting people, determined to spread the spirit of comradeship, solidarity and trust, they are a unique symbol of a united Europe – competitive, successful and strong. Esimit Europa is a constant reminder that only by working together, respecting differences and learning from each other can Europe continue to be one of the world’s leaders and key players on all levels.

Receiving recognition for our work and goals from the new president of the Parliament is another proof that the project is becoming a unique way for strengthening the European spirit and spreading the message of a strong and united Europe

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Title : Continued support of the European Parliament
Date : Apr 6, 2017
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