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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Meeting with the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

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At Esimit Europa we are proud that our efforts to promote stronger cooperation on the European continent have been recognized also by Heiko Maas, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany. In his letter of support, Minister Maas emphasized that the Esimit Europa project is an encouraging example of how Europeans can advance together and a unique way to promote Europe and European technology globally.

Founder of the Esimit Europa project Igor Simčič was pleased to meet Minister Maas and explain him also in person the most recent developments of the project, as well as to present him our next step, which will strengthen the European spirit behind the project.

We are honoured that following the support that we received from Frank-Walter Steinmeier as the foreign minister and later on also as the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, the project was also endorsed by Minister Maas. We are grateful for the continuous support from the side of the Federal Republic of Germany and our official partner BMW.

The mission of the Esimit Europa project is connecting all Europeans through the unifying power of sport. As we are always trying to improve, we are now focusing on a new dimension of the project, which will enable us to carry the message of a strong and united European continent around the world with a new future-oriented symbol. We believe that with a firm vision, determination and a team spirit, Europe can achieve great success and reach its full potential.

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Title : Meeting with the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas
Date : Dec 9, 2018
Location : Berlin