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39 races, 39 victories – in a row

European Symbol of Unity:
The Esimit Europa project embodies European unity, starting 30 years ago as a local initiative between two border cities Gorizia and Nova Gorica and expanding into a pan-European endeavor, uniting nations and promoting cooperation under the European flag with the special recognition of the United Nations.

Sports Excellence:
With the state-of-the-art sailing yacht, Esimit Europa 2, and a multinational crew representing 11 European countries, the project has secured an impressive 39 victories in 39 races and 6 course records, showcasing exceptional success and competitiveness in sailing.

Technological Innovation:
Esimit Europa stands at the forefront of sailing innovation. The 30-meter long Esimit Europa 2 sailing yacht has represented Europe's leading edge in maritime technology and engineering, setting new standards in the field.