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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Races 2013

[3. – 10. August]
Cowes Week yearly attracts the biggest sailing stars and excitement to competitors and spectators alike with over 1000 yachts and 8000 competitors taking part at some top-class sailing competitions in the 8 days to the English seaport town located on the Isle of Wight. Weekly happening is organized by Cowes Combined Clubs (Organizational body of ten yacht clubs which lead the program of the week).

Since 1826 Cowes Week has played a key part in the UK’s sporting summer calendar and is one of the UK’s longest running and most successful sporting events. It now stages up to 40 daily races for around 1000 yachts and is the largest sailing race of its kind in the world in excess of 100,000 spectators, who are able to see much of the racing from the shore or from the water as there are a number of yacht cruiser options available. Cowes Week therefore represents what is best about sailing, from competitive racing during the day, to cultural events in the evening. In 2013 it also represented the first challenges for Esimit Europa 2 in the United Kingdom. The Esimit Sailing Team went on to post two line honors at the two races attended within the Big Boat Series.

Big Boat Series – Race Wednesday, 7. August

Position Sail Number Yacht Elapsed Time
1. SLO1001 Esimit Europa 2 1h 52m 43
2. USA45 Bella Mente 2h 05m 30s
3. UAE1 Azzam 2h 08m 36s
4. GBR7236R Ran 2h 12m 38s
5. CAY65 Caro 2h 30m 25s
6. RUS1 Monster Project 2h 34m 13s

Big Boat Series – Race Thursday, 8. August

Position Sail Number Yacht Elapsed Time
1. SLO1001 Esimit Europa 2 2h 19m 06s
2. GBR7236R Ran 2h 26m 08s
3. UAE1 Azzam 2h 26m 14s
4. USA45 Bella Mente 2h 26m 48s
5. RUS1 Monster Project 2h 47m 35s
6. CAY65 Caro 2h 53m 46s