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More than just an Outstanding Sailing Project

Races 2013

[14. September]
Diplomatic Regatta is a race in the Adriatic Sea and the only regatta in which members of the Diplomatic Corps are joined on sailing yachts with professional sailors. Above all, it is an event promoting social and sports activities, which enables sailing experts, diplomats, politicians and business people to meet in one place. In a relaxed atmosphere, they can exchange their experiences and opinions, establish business contacts and enjoy demonstrating their sailing skills.

The regatta traditionally takes place in Izola (Slovenia) on the second Saturday in September. With its roots in 2003, when the first Diplomatic Regatta saw participation of 900 people of whom 300 were members of Diplomatic Corps and distinguished people from the business world, year 2013 marks the 11. edition of this unique race. The honorary sponsor of the regatta is Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Organization Committee of the race consists of members of the Diplomatic Corps, namely the people who gave the race its existence.

On shore various other activities are accompanying the race and the whole happening is covered by numerous media.

2013 also marks the first participation of Esimit Europa 2 at this unique happening in Slovenian waters. The Esimit Europa 2 yacht took the line honours win with Mrs. Sara Stepanjan, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia to Slovenia as the diplomatic guest onboard.


Position Yacht Sail Number Elapsed time
1. Esimit Europa 2 SLO1001 56m 20s
2. AQUILA AUT 5200 1h 17m 19s
3. Veliki VIHARNIK SLO 31 1h 22m 3s
4. MAGIA NERA ITA 44 1h 22m 21s
5. MEGAENERGIJA SLO 160 1h 22m 26s
6. SONIC AUT 52 1h 22m 49s
7. ALIGATOR 2 SRB 11 1h 27m 40s
8. ASSILINA SLO 878 1h 27m 58s
9. SHINING UMAG UMAGO MAXI CRO 2007 1h 28m 21s
10. SCORPIO SLO 424 1h 37m 13s